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    Tamper Resistant Laser Prescription Paper Products
    EMR Scripts ~ Laser/Ink Jet Rx Paper
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    EMR Tamper Resistant Script Paper

    Secure Tamper Resistant

    Laser/Ink Jet Prescription Paper

    Order Laser Rx Paper by State ORDER BY STATE

    Secure Tamper Resistant

    Thermal Prescription Paper Rolls

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    All MEDICAID Prescriptions MUST be written on Tamper Resistant Paper. To be considered Tamper Resistant prescriptions must contain security features in each of three catagories as defined by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
    • Micro Format Tamper Resistant Laser Prescription Paper Products meet and exceed ALL Medicaid Requirements
    • Micro Format is an approved manufacturer of Prescription Paper Products in all states in which approval is required.

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    as they relate to Medicaid Tamper Resistant Paper Requirements.

    The move from Schedule III to Schedule II of highly addictive hydrocodone combination painkillers, such as Vicodin, took effect October 6, 2014.
    Doctors, who under schedule III could prescribe a six-month supply as a 30-day prescription with up to five refills, are now limited to prescribing a three-month supply under schedule II. The rule also mandates that doctors must write the prescriptions in 30-day increments that can only be filled sequentially.
    Pain patients using these drugs will have to visit their doctors every three months for a new prescription.

    SecureGuard™ Rx Prescription Paper Products meets and exceeds the FDA Recommendations for prescribing controlled substance prescriptions.

    Self Expiring
    Visitor Badges

    Self Expiring Visitor Badges
    SecureGuard™ Maxwell on demand Ultrasound Paper for use in hospitals, clinics, OB offices and others.
    Compatible ultrasound paper for use in Sony and Mitsubishi Ultrasound equipment .

    Ultrasound Thermal Printer Paper
    Ultrasound Paper Rolls
    Verifiable Documentation Is Required to order from this web site.

    The use of Script Paper is controlled by Federal and State Agencies.
    Any attempt to purchase Rx Paper Products by unauthorized persons or by persons providing falsified information will be reported to the proper authorities for prosecution to the full extent of the law.

    Acceptance of any and all orders for Rx Paper Products is at the discretion of the Micro Format Document Security Compliance Team.

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    If you dispense Sample Medications ...
    You need the SecureGuard™
    SAMPLE MEDICATION Recording System
    Sample Medication Label Recording System

    Information relative to

    It is important to note that copier technology is ever changing. Thus messages hidden on Rx Paper Products will appear most of the time.
    However the "VOID" message cannot be guaranteed to appear 100% of the time on 100% of the copiers or scanners on the market today.

    What IS IMPORTANT is that Micro Format Prescription Paper cannot be accurately duplicated such that a pharmacist will mistake a copy for an original.

    Prescription Paper
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Secure & Protect your Rx Paper

    EMR Scripts; Tamper Resistant Laser Prescription Paper
    At Micro Format ...
    Manufacturing Prescription Paper Products is our business
    not a sideline !

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